Hohe Spannung mit Starkstrom von Eloprojekt

Active engagement in high-voltage electrical projects: Eloproject.

Whatever your industry, a properly functioning power supply is necessary in order to perform important work and business processes. If faults occur in the power system, usual procedures normally do not work either - and the service or production process will be disturbed or even stopped.



Active engagement in high-voltage electrical projects.                        

Safety and reliability have top priority, especially in the high-voltage sector. You can rely on professional planning and competent consulting provided by our project management team to meet your company's individual needs. We also provide in-depth product knowledge to support the installation and commissioning of complete power systems, together with obtaining all of the necessary planning authority approvals, if you like. We will, of course, assist you with repairs, modifications, and technical upgrades or retrofits, too.



Our high-voltage electrical services:


  • Project management incl. planning, installation, and commissioning.
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Approval processes
  • Consideration of manufacturer preferences
  • Planning and implementation of manufacturer preferences
  • EIB-controlled energy and lighting systems
  • Installation and assembly of high-, medium-, and low-voltage systems


Safety is #1 with Eloprojekt. In every sense. We are also your competent partner for medium and low-voltage systems. You can always rely on us for one thing: comprehensive services from a single source.



Marienbader Höfe by Eloprojekt

Marienbader HöfeWe delivered the full range of high- and low-voltage installations when renovating the Marienbader Höfe. Innovative and reliable solutions for high-quality office complexes in Bad Homburg. 



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maxCologne by Elomech Elektroanlagen


We take real pride in completing one of our largest projects ever. 600 km of data cable, 425 km of NYM lines, 9,500 IT connections, 6,800 project-specific LED lights, and 165 binders of final documentation are numbers that speak for themselves. And for our work.



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Stadthalle Mülheim by Eloprojekt

Stadthalle Mülheim

We have set an absolute highlight for the Mülheim Stadthalle. In addition to the expansion of the information, communication and media technology, the installation of the light blanket, with approximately 15,000 colors for the glamor.



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